Bone Conduction Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Headset – Viral Super Shop
Bone Conduction Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Bone Conduction Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Bone Conduction Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Bone Conduction Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Bone Conduction Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Bone Conduction Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Bone Conduction Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Headset

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Experience innovative sound with these Bone Conduction Headphones - a Bluetooth Wireless Headset. The headphones use bone conduction technology to deliver audio through the bones in your skull, leaving your ears free to hear your surroundings. This makes them perfect for outdoor activities, running, cycling, or any other situation where you need to be aware of your environment. The headphones are wireless and connect to your device via Bluetooth, providing hands-free convenience. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for long listening sessions. The built-in microphone allows for easy phone calls, and the rechargeable battery provides hours of listening time. Whether you're looking for a new way to experience music or a safer way to stay connected while being active, these Bone Conduction Headphones are a perfect choice.

Have you ever had earbuds fall out or not fit properly? or wear a headset that becomes soiled after being inserted into your ear? Or did you know that using traditional headphones might harm your eardrums over the long run and you wouldn't even be aware of it?

Bone Conduction Technology 

Now you may listen to hours of music without risking earbud damage. With the use of bone conduction technology, the sound is sent to the inner ear straight through the jawbone and cheekbones of your face. It is incredibly lightweight and flexible and offers a tailored and secure fit because of the wrap-around design.

Work with Glasses 

simple to wear when sporting glasses. For everyone who wears eyeglasses, having high-quality wireless headphones with fantastic sound and an integrated microphone is a dream come true. This makes it now.

Unmatched Comfort and Stability 

The ergonomic design ensures that it will always stay in place and offers the highest level of comfort. It is ideal for all situations because it is USB-powered, whether you are driving, hiking, running, climbing, skating, or doing any other strenuous activity.

Bluetooth 5.0 Connection 

Enjoy using your hands-free device. You won't always have to walk over to your device thanks to the range of up to 10m. It quickly and easily establishes connections with tablets, smartphones, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Crystal Clear Calls 

Never again allow yourself to be disturbed. It improves your call and lowers background noise using a cutting-edge noise-reduction microphone.

Sweatproof Design 

With a grip and strong sound that your conventional headphones can't match, you can now energize your workout. During your training and activity session, these sweat-resistant bone conduction headphones remain firmly in place.

Easy to Control 

You can simply change the track, the level, and easily switch between calls and music with only one button.

Supports for Hearing Aids
The hearing aid headphones are appropriate for elderly or hearing-impaired people to watch TV, make phone calls, and converse, however, they are ineffective for aging ear nerves; Make sure you can hear the sound of your teeth contacting each other.

A Battery That Just Keeps Going Enjoy hours of music, calls, movies, and videos throughout the day with more than 7-8 hours of entertainment and 15 days of standby time.
As opposed to conventional headphones, they will partially or completely filter out the sounds of your surroundings, putting you at risk when you're riding or jogging. In contrast to conventional earbuds, bone conduction headphones use vibrations to send sound to your cochleas through your cheekbone, preventing hearing loss.
Bone Conductance You may engage in sports without restriction because headphones are lightweight and won't fall out during any vigorous activity.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bone Conduction Headphones Set